Is your SCR deNOx plant cost-optimized?

By December 16, 2019December 18th, 2019On-demand webinar

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Title: Is your SCR deNOx plant cost-optimized?
Duration: 1 hour
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Catalytic deNOx installations are expensive to operate and maintain. However, experience shows that with the appropriate global approach, the total cost of ownership of a deNOx plant can be reduced significantly.

The essentials

  • Postponing catalyst replacement is entirely possible, provided that its condition is independently assessed.
  • By addressing a range of aspects of the operation and maintenance of a deNOx unit, it is often possible to increase its overall performance. In other words, it is not only the catalyst that counts.
  • There are cost-effective alternatives to simply replacing the catalyst, such as in situ catalyst cleaning.
  • Where catalyst replacement cannot be avoided, less expensive solutions that don’t require using the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) are available.

Webinar programme

  1. Operation and maintenance: what return of experience on tells us.
  2. Asset management: how to safely postpone catalyst replacement?
  3. Catalyst solutions: what to do when catalyst replacement cannot be avoided?